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Broward County criminal defense lawyer Michael Mirer has over ten years of trial experience as well as being a former prosecutor.  He has dealt with all types of theft crimes including all forms of shoplifting (petty theft). If you have been charged or arrested for shoplifting, don't delay; seek out an experienced attorney who will review every detail and aspect of your case in order to provide you with the best options for your defense.  Criminal defense lawyer Michael Mirer can offer you the knowledge, care and understanding you need throughout your ordeal.

Most shoplifting crimes need experienced and skilled legal counsel to fight the charges due to the nature of the crime.  Most times if accused of shoplifting you are confronted at the scene and arrested.  There is likely strong evidence such as video or eye witnesses who watched this occur, or the stolen item in your possession.  In order to properly defend these charges, it becomes very important to have an attorney who knows how to challenge this type of evidence to protect your rights.  Any improper procedure by arresting officers or how the evidence was processed can open the door to disputing this evidence.

Shoplifting and Petty Theft in Broward County

There are many types of theft crimes.  Shoplifting is a theft crime that is most often charged as petty theft because the items taken typically do not exceed $300 in value.  Shoplifting normally carries a misdemeanor charge, but there are degrees of it, such as 1 st or 2 nd degree, depending on what was stolen.  Penalties are severe, with conviction carrying fines and jail sentences.  Although you may think there is o chance of success, Attorney Mirer has the skill and aggressiveness to pursue either a lesser charge or have the charges dismissed altogether.  Don't take chances with your future, contact him today.

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