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Violated Probate in Broward County?

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Not all probation violations are obvious to everyone.  Following are some examples of probation violations in Florida: Failure to report to your assigned probation officer, failure to appear in court, failure to attend court-ordered counseling, drug or alcohol abuse, associating with a known criminal or organization or arrest for a new criminal offense.

In more detail, a probation violation can occur when a person who is on probation violates one or more terms of his or her probation agreement. One mandatory requirement may be that the defendant checks in with his or her probation officer once a month.  A failure to report may qualify as a violation of probation and may result in the immediate arrest of the individual on probation, as well as other penalties.

If your probation officer becomes aware that you have violated your parole through any one of the above mentioned violations, they have authority to arrest you and have you appear before the court.  It is at this point you urgently need a criminal defense lawyer to represent you to avoid ending up back in jail.  You have the right to contest any parole violation and with Broward County criminal defense attorney Michael Mirer representing you, you have a strong advocate on your behalf. By speaking to him about your situation, you can learn more about your legal rights and what your best options are.

Probation Violation Criminal Defense Attorney, Michael Mirer

For anyone who has violated their probation, they will need to obtain professional advice and assistance to deal with the consequences.  The penalties enforced on a person that has violated his probation can be quite severe and result in dire consequences, affecting your freedom and future.

Attorney Michael Mirer is an experienced probation violation attorneys with over ten years experience as a trial lawyer and former prosecutor serving Broward County and Ft.  Lauderdale.  With his skill and talent in the courtroom, he is a formidable ally for your defense.  Contact him today to find out how he can help you.

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