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Administrative License Suspension Hearings in Broward County

The DHSMV is the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle In Florida, and is the regulatory body that oversees license suspensions. When someone is arrested for drunk driving and fails or refuses a breath or blood alcohol test, they will face the automatic suspension of their driving privileges. Whenever a breath or blood test shows a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater, or, as mentioned, if the driver refuses the test altogether, this may be grounds for DHSMV to suspend the driver's license. Once arrested, you are served with a Notice of Suspension of your driver's license. You then have 10 days in which to contact the DHSMV to schedule an administrative hearing to defend your right not to lose your driver's license. If you fail to schedule this hearing in the allowed time, you will automatically forfeit your driver's license. These hearings are therefore vitally important for your future ability to be able to drive to work, school or for any other personal reason.

A Broward County DUI defense lawyer can schedule your DHSMV hearing for you and can represent you at your hearing in order to offer you the best opportunity of keeping your license. By contacting the Law Offices of Michael Mirer, you are obtaining a highly experienced attorney who can aggressively present your case.

DHSMV Hearings Defense

Broward County DUI defense attorney Michael Mirer represents drivers throughout Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale in all types of DUI-related cases, including criminal court and at DHSMV hearings. The DHSMV hearing is very important, not only for retaining your driving privileges, but because it can provide important evidence in your criminal case for DUI. As an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer with a background as a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, attorney Mirer understands the issues on both sides of the criminal process. He will apply his knowledge and experience to assist you in avoiding a conviction as well as in keeping your driver's license.

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