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It would appear to some that burglary and robbery would be similar, however they are two separate and serious criminal offenses that are a type of theft but fall into the category of violent crimes due to the manner in which they are committed.  These crimes carry serious charges, with heavy fines and up to 10-20 years in prison if the crime involved a weapon.  It is imperative that you seek competent legal counsel immediately after being arrested or charged for a violent crime.  As a skilled criminal defense attorney, serving Broward County and Ft.  Lauderdale, Michael Mirer represents juveniles and adults in the face of burglary and robbery charges.

The Crime of Robbery

The crime of robbery involves the taking or attempting to take a valuable possession from another person by use of a threat or force or intimidation. The crime is committed in the presence of the victim.  The word robbery is a very old word and has been known in train or bank robberies or muggings as a "holdup" or a "stickup". The crime of robbery is usually divided into different 'degrees or types'. The degrees vary by state and can also depend on whether a weapon or something like a weapon was used and/or if there was an accomplice.

The Crime of Burglary

The crime of burglary is the unlawful or unwanted entry of a facility, building or structure to commit some type of felony or a theft.  As is robbery, the word is very old and burglary is also known by many as doing a "break in," or, "breaking and entering." A burglary doesn't include breaking into a car, which is considered larceny. Burglary does not have to involve any damage.  It is still considered burglary if someone enters through an unlocked door or window with the intent to commit a felony or theft.  This is called 'non-forcible entry'.

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Michael Mirer

Florida criminal lawyer Michael Mirer can help if you or someone you know has been accused of, arrested for or charged with burglary or robbery. Mr.  Mirer has been practicing in the Broward County/Fort Lauderdale area for over 10 years and has well rounded experience, being a former prosecuting attorney.

Michael Mirer would be more than happy to discuss your situation in the free initial consultation and provide you with valuable and practical advice on your best options.  This is a no obligation service and we have the utmost respect for your privacy.  All contacts are strictly confidential.

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