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What is record expungement?

In the legal world, there are records kept for anyone who has been convicted of a crime. These records are established once the conviction has occurred. The complex process of Expungement involves an attorney going through and having any convictions or arrests removed from one's public records so that they no longer appear. This is a complex process that takes skill and know-how in order to present the matter correctly to the courts.

However, even though the record has been expunged and you or the public can no longer view the conviction, law enforcement personnel will still have access to someone's criminal history. A knowledgeable expungement defense attorney can assist in having an offense, violation, arrest or conviction expunged. Because arrests and convictions can tarnish ones reputation and have possible bad affects for ones future by remaining on ones public record, many people seek to have these records expunged. Any record expungement must be petitioned for and approved by the court.

Some reasons for having charges expunged are due to the bad effects it can create on your housing options, future employment, educational possibilities and the ability to obtain loans.

Expunge Your Criminal Record

If you or someone you know needs to have a conviction expunged from their criminal record, you need an experienced Broward County criminal defense lawyer to assist in acquiring the approval through the courts and completing the expungement process.

Attorney Michael Mirer is a former prosecutor with over a decade of experience as a trial attorney. He has established a highly successful criminal defense trial practice and is now serving the Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale areas.  Prior to entering his own private practice, Michael Mirer was an Assistant State Attorney for Miami — Dade County where he prosecuted all levels and types of crimes.  He has extensive trial and courtroom experience which includes well over 100 trials.

Attorney Michael Mirer would be more than happy to discuss your circumstances regarding any criminal record you may have to establish the best possible option for your situation. This is a no obligation service and we have the utmost respect for your privacy.

To find out about expunging your records, contact Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Mirer.

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