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Theft crimes can be a very serious charge depending on the circumstances. Ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, they need the attention of a legal professional.  If you or someone you know are facing theft crime charges, you may be facing jail time and depending on the severity, many years of imprisonment, fines, and other serious criminal penalties if you are convicted.

Broward County criminal defense lawyer Michael Mirer has over ten years of experience as a trial attorney as well as a background as a former Miami-Dade prosecutor.  He is experienced and knowledgeable in the Florida criminal process.  He has dealt with all types of theft crime charges including: grand theft, computer crimes, forgery, worthless checks, organized fraud, money laundering and shoplifting (petit theft).

About Broward County and Fort Lauderdale Theft Crimes

Theft crimes range from the very severe crimes like grand theft to the less severe crimes of shoplifting.  There can be corporate crimes such as misappropriating property or funds, stealing property or committing fraud.  Depending on the manner in which a crime is carried out, as well as whether it is violent or non-violent will most often determine the particular penalties that a defendant may face if convicted.  Some theft crimes, such as robbery or burglary, are usually committed with some type of force or violence.  Shoplifting is considered a more minor offense, as it usually does not involve large amounts.  There are also crimes which involve deceit, such as fraud and internet crimes.

However, they are all crimes and any crimes committed can lead to severe consequences for your life, your family and your future.  Depending on how your charges are dealt with, this can affect the outcome of your case. That is why is very important that you contact a competent attorney right away to review your particular situation.

Competent Theft Crimes Attorney

Since you may be in danger of facing serious criminal penalties which could include extensive jail time if convicted, you must act immediately to contact a criminal defense lawyer.  The worst you can do is to fail to act, thus possibly resulting in an unfavorable outcome to your case with consequences that could have been avoided.  By contacting Attorney Mirer, you markedly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

If you are arrested for a theft crime, contact Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Mirer for a free initial consultation.

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