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Extradition Proceedings in Florida

Extradition is a process that involves the return of a defendant by the legal authority of one state to the authority of another.  If you have pending charges in another state and are arrested in Florida, you could face extradition.  Many states share common databases of crimes committed and the individuals who are wanted on warrants for different crimes throughout the United States.  Merely moving to another state is no protection against charges filed in the state you were residing in.  If you have been arrested in Florida and have outstanding criminal charges in another state, you will need to act quickly to consult an attorney.  Broward County criminal defense lawyer Michael Mirer offers a free initial consultation to discuss how best to defend your rights and avoid extradition.

It often occurs that once arrested in another state pending extradition, you may remain in custody for weeks pending the determination of the courts and ultimate transfer to the other state authorities.  However, with the experience and skill of Attorney Mirer, he has successfully obtained release on bail for some of his clients, so that they may return home to their family and continue with the process of defending themselves against the charges awaiting them.  It is in your best interests to retain Attorney Mirer for the possibility of fighting extradition.

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Attorney Michael Mirer has over ten years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, successfully defending numerous clients in Broward County and Ft.  Lauderdale.  As a former prosecutor, he knows how the other side thinks and can therefore present the best defense for your case.  Dealing with extradition can be complicated and requires a knowledgeable and proficient attorney.  Don't delay in contacting his office to find out what he can do for you.

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