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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County, Florida

Whenever someone is arrested, they normally have many unanswered questions. At the Law Office of Michael Mirer, we will be happy to answer all of your questions when you contact the firm for your initial free consultation. As a leading criminal defense attorney in Broward County, Attorney Mirer is well experienced in handling any criminal charges.  Below you can find answers to some common questions.

Do I really need an attorney?

When facing criminal charges, this is no small matter.  Conviction of a criminal charges carries steep penalties and could affect your freedom and future.  To at least determine what your options are, it is always wise to obtain advice from a knowledgeable attorney.

Am I required to answer police questions?

As most people well know, you have the right to remain silent.  However, law enforcement officers often convince people to just tell them what happened so they can rule them out as suspects.  They will lie and use most any means to obtain information they will later be able to use against you.  It is vital to remain silent and just ask for legal counsel.

What types of cases does your firm handle?

Broward County criminal attorney Michael Mirer handles all types of criminal cases throughout the entire Broward County area.  This includes:

What can Attorney Michael Mirer do for me?

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer and as a former prosecutor, Michael Mirer is extremely familiar with the Florida criminal court system.  He can use his legal knowledge, his firm's resources and his experience to protect your Constitutional rights, avoid formal charges, get you released from jail, represent you from beginning to end, and be a steady and reliable individual you can rely on throughout the whole ordeal.

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