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Boating Under the Influence Criminal Charges

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Boating can be very exciting and fun during the summer months. However, if you have taken one or two drinks while on the water or before taking your boat out, you could be stopped by law enforcement simply because they were on the lookout for speeders or drunk boaters or because you were involved in a minor accident with another boat.

If you were required to take a breath test before your arrest that showed your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was over the legal limit, this does not immediately guarantee a conviction. An experienced attorney can work to challenge all evidence and can often successfully question breath test results.

Have you or someone you know been accused of or arrested for BUI in Broward County or the Fort Lauderdale areas? The Law Office of Michael Mirer invites you to a free initial consultation where he will go over your BUI case and let you know what your best options are. He has over ten years of experience as a trial attorney as well as background as a former prosecutor. As an experienced BUI lawyer, Michael Mirer understands the legal process relating to a BUI case. He has a complete understanding of Florida BUI statutes.

Drinking Alcohol or Taking Drugs While Boating is a Serious Matter

Boating and water sports are an enjoyable pastime for many Florida residents and to a wide variety of vacationers every year. Quite often law enforcement officers will focus on spotting BUI offenses and when they occur, may turn what was once a good time into a nightmare for your family and your future. In Florida, BUI charges are handled in much the same way as driving under the influence (DUI) cases, including the same or similar enforcement of criminal penalties upon a conviction. However, a BUI conviction cannot result in the direct suspension of a defendant's driver's license. BUI may be classified as a misdemeanor or felony offense in Florida depending on the circumstances. Any BUI conviction may result in imprisonment, as well as heavy fines and court fees, probation, and mandatory alcohol or drug treatment or rehabilitation.

If charged with BUI, it is vital to contact our office right away to go over your options for your defense. Having a BUI on your record can severely affect your future. Attorney Mirer has the skill and knowledge to successfully fight these charges. Contact him today to find out what he can do for you.

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